Unbelievably high
knowledge in
Creative and
Programming fields

We are

three professionals of digital fields who join their creativity and knowledge,

With you

we can build great online products


We have great experience in UX/UI design, application development as well. We are dying for new technologies.


Online Branding

UI/UX concept and design for desktop, tablet, mobile applications

Graphic design for desktop, tablet, mobile applications

Responsive webdesign which is built on fluid grid


Mobile, tablet and watch applications

Scalable web applications

About our products

Our products come with full custom design without templates, unlimited (project-related) server resources.

Our products fit you if you would like to start with strong, extendable and cost effective MVP, or you would like to upgrade your project's or company's online abilities.

Core features

We only merge the requested features to keep the project as lightweight as possible.

Development details

  • Strict Semantic HTML5 paired with fluid responsivity
  • Inline SVG for resolution independency
  • Pure JavaScript
  • Go lang (on backend)
  • The Editorial

    We are proud to present our flagship product The Editorial.

    Check the core features here

    The Editorial has three editions focused on different types of content delivering.

    News Edition

    Magazine edition

    Portfolio edition

    The System

    Our another product The System helps you to handle your datas with a very user friendly environment.

    Check the core features here

    The System has two editions focused on different types of data management.

    Store edition

    Hotel edition

    Restaurant edition


    We are constantly searching the possibilities and the future of the digital world. We immerse in new technologies, and we don't only study them on a theoretical level, but also in practice to test their operation. That is how our experimental projects are born, not only to push the limits of design and programming, also to rethink the cultural values as well.


    Poems do not really have a place in the online world, that is why we have created a platform. The curiosity of the project is a symmetric graphics UI interface, which is very similar to a recently created platform called Google Inbox.

    New Calendar

    We can't even fit regular sporting activities to our seven-day week, the two-day weekend is not really enough to rest. Not to mention the annoying difference among the lengths of months. Imagine what a problem it is for programmers to count with months and days.

    Free D.O.M.

    Mostly we work in the world of HTML, so numerous comments have been formulated about it's document object model. These have been summarised and we are trying to find a solution to them as well. Thus was born the concept of Free D.O.M.

    Our customers are long-term partners.
    With them we keep building a better digital world.

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